Tips for a Successful Simplicity Session


                                           Thank you for booking your baby's simplicity session with Elle Chic Photography. I'm so honored to  create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. I've created this tip sheet to help you have a successful session and what to expect when you're in the studo. If you have any questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact me. Let's get to it!


                   Elle Chic provides a baby wardrobe for babies 0-18 months old consisting of organic cotton clothing items to be used during the session BUT I always recommend to parents to bring in a simple white or neutral onesie.  Simple is always better in my opinion and I always recommend white, beige, tan, blush, grey, and jeans

                        Fed babies are happy babies. Make sure to feed baby before your session. However, I will take a mid session break so the baby can have a feeding, eat a little snack, get a drink of water, and get some cuddle time with mom or dad.  Let’s be real, it’s REALLY hard being such a cute baby model.  Babies also get very over stimulated with the noise and commotion during the sessions.  My sessions are very calm and relaxed but it’s still a lot for some babies and they just need a minute to relax. 



               Babies teeth - it happens! If you feel baby is teething, please give pain relief to your baby before they come. It is no fun for a teething baby in pain to do a session like this.



                      As soon as baby arrives, change their diaper, pick their boogers and take off their socks!  Diaper changing and booger picking isn’t always baby’s favorite thing to do so I recommend getting all the ‘bad’ stuff out of the way.  If baby cries, this is the time for the crying redness to go away.  Fluffy babies tend to get red marks from their socks and it takes a good 15-30 minutes for those red lines to disappear. Parents PLEASE don’t pick boogers during the session.  It makes baby mad every. single. time.  If they get a booger mid session, I will edit it out but please please please don’t pick during the session.  99% of the time it takes away that moment and baby never fully recovers back to happy baby after that. 


                       Consider leaving siblings at home. You maybe feeling guilty that you never did a milestone session with your other children, so you want to capture images of your babies together... don't! This session is meant for just your little one, and there's more than enough time for that during an outdoor family session. Let this be a quiet and relaxing time to make memories with your littlest and maybe grab a few of the two of you together.

                   I like to recommend for the parent to wear something      light and airy as well incase you have to get in a couple shots with baby. Especially 12 month shots and baby wants to start walking, mom or dad can hold the hands of baby and appear in a shot or two.



                        Lastly, ENJOY! This session is meant to be fun, and   memorable. And again, If you have any questions please reach out to me at

                         Try to schedule vaccines and shots at least 4 days before our session.  This will allow enough time for baby to recoup (if needed) from their doctor visit.

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